What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format that allows people to find information on the Internet. Instead of accessing information by IP address which uses a number string, a domain name allows people to navigate to Web sites and send email using familiar, easy to remember names e.g. www.DominionRegistries.com.

There are different levels of domain names. You can tell what level you are looking at by its position in relation to the ‘dot’. Values to the right of the dot are called Top Level Domains (TLDs). In this example, www.DominionRegistries.com , the Top Level Domain = com.  Values to the left of the dot are called Second Level Domains (SLDs) and using the previous example, “DominionRegistries” is the second level.


What is a Registry Operator?

A Registry Operator is the wholesaler of domain names and sells names via Registrars. It manages the registration of domain names, establishes policies for domain name allocation, and technically operates the domain. Dominion Enterprises is the Registry Operator for .Autos, .Boats, .Homes, .Motorcycles and .Yachts


Who operates Dominion Registries’ Registry System?

Afilias is the Registry Service Provider for all Dominion Registries TLDs.


What are domain name Registrars?

Registrars are the retailers of domain names. They provide domain name registration services directly to registrants. These include helping registrants find, register, renew, and delete domain names. They send the information to the registry for entry into the centralized registry database.


Who are the Accredited Registrars for Dominion’s TLDs?

Dominion Registries publishes a list of all accredited registrars on our Registrar page.  All registrars must be officially accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and will have executed a Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) with Dominion. Domain names may also be offered by resellers that operate under a contract with one of the accredited registrars.


What is a Registrant?

A Registrant is a company, organization or individual who registers a domain name.


What is ICANN?

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit, private organization responsible for coordinating IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and other services.


Once a Registrant applies for a domain, what is the process and timing before you determine eligibility?

For any .Boats, .Yachts, .Homes and .Motorcycles domain name purchases, there is no eligibility requirement and no verification necessary.
For .Autos, the following process exists: At the time of domain name purchase, the registrant fills out an application with their domain name registrar which provides us with the information needed to move to the verification process. This information is then pushed to our verification platform by the Registrar via an API. If the Registrant’s email address is not recognized, a verification account will be created for them, and an email sent with their username and password to the email address provided in their WHOIS Registrant contact information. From there, the Verification Agent will review the data, and if clarification is needed, will attempt to communicate with the Registrant via email and/or phone. The Registrant has 15 days to provide additional information. Dominion Registries will make a decision whether or not to accept or reject a domain name registration on or before the 15th day. The Registrant will have at least 5 days after a rejected decision to dispute the determination (no more than 20 days after the domain name was purchased).


Where can I learn more about the Dominion operated TLDs?  

Visit the dedicated TLD Registry information sites for Launch schedules and other FAQs.

www.Domains.Autos https://domains.autos/FAQ

www.Domains.Boats https://domains.boats/FAQ

www.Domains.Homes https://domains.homes/FAQ

www.Domains.MotorCycles https://domains.motorcycles/FAQ

www.Domains.Yachts https://domains.yachts/FAQ