Founders Application

All applications or proposals must include the fully completed information as requested below on company letterhead:


Primary Contact First and Last Name:


Organization / Company:

Email Address:                       

Phone Number:

Company Website:

Are you authorized to sign a Founders Agreement for this company?:

If not, name and contact information for person who is authorized to sign a Founders Agreement with Dominion:

*List any secondary contacts we should include in our communications

1)     What domain names(s) are you interested in using?

2)     Describe your ideas for the use of the above domain name(s)

3)     Describe your timing and ability to launch a website on the domain(s) of interest.

4)     Tell us about the type of marketing efforts, commitments, and reach you could provide in our Founder partnership. Please include outline of an initial marketing plan to give us a sense of the scope.

5)     Tell us how you would communicate this new, unique domain namespace offering safety and authenticity of your website content to your customers and website visitors.

6)     Anything else we should consider in your application?

Applications and proposals should be submitted by email to:

Please note: some domain names are considered premium and may carry premium registration fees. If such a case occurs, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity so you have the opportunity to find another domain name or move forward with the premium domain name if available. Dominion will make every effort to work with you to find an appropriate domain name for your situation.