Naming Guidelines

Does your domain use a geographic term?

Domains primarily representing a geographic region such as a town, city, state, regional area, etc. are reserved from registration at this time. If you apply for a name like Miami.Yachts or TriState.Motorcycles, the application will be denied. You can however use your existing company or brand name with a geographic term. For example, Sam’s Automotive of Fresno could be “www.SamsOfFresno.Autos” or Katie Liu Realty of Urbana could be “www.KatieLiuUrbana.Homes”.

Do you use a trademarked term in your domain?

You must have permission from the trademark owner to use a trademarked term generically within your domain name. For example, if you are a Coldwell Banker Realtor® and your company name is Sandy Wong Properties CB, you would be able to register a variety of names that correspond to your company name such as www.SandyWong.Homes, www.SWPCB.Homes, etc. However you could not move to something generic like ManhattanCB.Homes or ManhattanColdwellBanker.Homes, even if you do work for Coldwell Banker in Manhattan. In a case like this, you would need permission from the trademark holder, Coldwell Banker. Another example would be John’s Bayliner of Miami.  John cannot register www.MiamiBayliner.Boats as that uses a trademarked brand in a very generic sense. It would be possible if John received authorization from Bayliner to use that specific domain name for his online property. John can use the name corresponding to his existing business, www.JohnsBaylinerMiami.Boats.

Corresponding names

For .Homes and .Autos, there is a corresponding name requirement. This means that the domain name you choose must reflect Your company name, trademark/brand, or derivative thereof, related to the Relevant Sector. If you plan to change the name of your business and want a matching domain name, you’ll just need to provide us with some qualifying support documents to help us validate the new business name.  Remember, you can use a geographic or generic term with your company or brand name.  For example, KatieLiuNYC.Homes or SamSmithSpeed.Boats.

Other types of domain names that are reserved from registration at this time:

  • Postal Codes
  • Domains with 4 characters or less
  • Types of homes, watercraft, motorcycles, boats or yachts. (,,,,


Industry criteria:

.Homes Domains

Eligible Industry Sectors

.Autos Domains

Eligible Industry Sectors

.Boats Domains

Eligible Industry Sectors

.Yachts Domains

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.Motorcycles Domains

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