Dominion Registries offers domain names to industry-eligible registrants for the following Top Level Domains (TLDs): .Autos, .Boats, .Homes, .Motorcycles and .Yachts. We aim to provide online consumers with a quality signal within the website address – that tells them the online publishers using our domain names are industry-verified and provide authentic, community-related website content they can trust. Dominion’s eligibility requirements for each TLD can be found in the Registration Policies below.

Registration Policies are unique for each TLD.  Common Policies apply to all TLDs and Naming Guidelines are found here.

Registration Policies
.Boats Registration Policy
.Yachts Registration Policy
.Homes Registration Policy
.Homes Name Selection Guide
.Motorcycles Registration Policy
.Autos Registration Policy

Common Policies
Acceptable Use Anti-Abuse Policy
Registrant Data Policy
Registration Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy
Reserved Names Dispute Resolution Policy
Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy
Sunrise Policy
Whois Policy