Registrar Information


Why onboard with Dominion Domains?

Each year over 17 million cars, 5.5 million homes, and 250,000 boats are sold in the US alone, and 81% of these buyers begin the search for their purchase online. Currently these transactions take place within one of the 150 million .com and .net names floating across the web, and industry leaders are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Dominion Domains is specifically geared towards investment consumer goods and can help registrars secure their share of the 23 million consumers buying in these industries each year. Dominion Domains has a long-standing history of business relationships in the auto, marine, and real estate industries, and we have worked for the past 3 years to establish awareness of what opportunities a new TLD can bring. By offering investment goods industry domain names, you can become a part of the billions of transaction dollars in these industries that begin online every day.

What can we offer you?

Industry Expertise. Our parent company comes with over 20 years of experience in these listing-based industries. We have the knowledge and connections to make these TLDs successful.

Marketing partnership. Dominion Domains is committed to the success of our registrar partners, and we offer unique marketing services to each registrar to help drive registrations.

Wholesale Discounts. Please contact for any marketing promotions/discounts.