Registrar Onboarding Process

Registrar Onboarding is a process that an applicant registrar must complete to obtain accreditation from a Registry so that it can provision domain names in the zones that have been delegated to that Registry. This includes signing the Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) and other business documents and passing a series of technical requirements and legal checks. Dominion Registries has implemented a similar onboarding process within its registry function.

Once the registrar has been accredited by the Dominion Registries and has successfully completed selected technical requirements, it can provision domain names in the following zones administered by the Dominion Registries:

  • .AUTOS
  • .BOATS
  • .HOMES

1 – ICANN Accreditation
Registrar must be an ICANN accredited Registrar, have signed Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with ICANN and met other ICANN requirements. Dominion Registries has no control over how long the entire ICANN accreditation process may take.

2 – SetUp Account
Registrar is required to create an account with Afilias, backend Registry Services Provider for Dominion Registries RO, to get access to Online Registrar Management System (ORMS) which will be used to store, review and sign necessary onboarding documents. If Registrar is already on Afilias standard list of Registrars then RO will notify Afilias Sales team to provide ORMS access to the Registrar and corresponding documents else RO will request Afilias Sales team, by providing Registrar’s Name and IANA ID, to create a new account for registrar in ORMS and provide access to all necessary documents.

3 – Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) and Onboarding Fee
Afilias, via ORMS, will contact Registrar and provide access to Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA). Registrars must agree to the terms and conditions contained in the RRA before they can make use of the registry services. Registrars must review the latest RRA for each TLD they intend to execute the contract and accept the terms of the Agreement as part of the online Signup Process explained above. Dominion registries has waived Registrar onboarding fee entirely for all its TLDs.

4 – Authorization
Afilias, via ORMS, will contact Registrar to request documents as proof of their business and their authority to represent and act on behalf of their company, an ICANN-accredited registrar. Registrar will not required to complete this step, if Registrar has already completed this step during the onboarding process for another TLD operated by Dominion Registries and already has an ORMS account with Afilias.

To complete the authorization process:
a) Submit a complete Registrar Contact Data form, filled out by their organization’s authorized person(s) to provide information including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Executive Contacts
  • Administrative Contacts
  • Technical Contacts
  • Billing Contacts

b) Submit a complete Financial Information document to establish credit limit and indicate low balance notification threshold.

5 – Technical Requirement – Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) certification
Once the authorization process is complete, Registrars will be required to pass the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) certification process, the details for which will be provided by Afilias. To complete the OT&E certification, Registrars will be required to develop the client application that will interface with the Afilias Shared Registration System. Once OT&E certification process is completed successfully, Registrars will be provided with the credentials to access the live production system.